Return on Investment

Reduce Production costs by recovering and using brewing CO2

CO2llector recovery systems are designed to meet the needs of craft brewers, a high quality compact recovery system that is affordable.

It is possible to recover CO2 from the fermenters with an inlet gas purity as low as 80%, producing final purities as high as 99.99%. It is important to determine the optimal CO2 concentration in the fermenter vented gas stream to start the recovery. Started too early, the energy consumption necessary for the recovery process will be inefficient for the small amount of pure CO2 produced. Started too late, relatively pure CO2 is vented to the atmosphere which negatively impacts efficiency.

Using the chart below you can estimate the value of the CO2 your brewery currently vents into the atmosphere. For example, if your annual BBL production is 10,000 (10k), the particular batch in question has a specific gravity (SG) of 1.07 and you pay $0.30 per pound of CO2. The value of the vented/wasted gas is $30,000 USD annually. The chart provides a guideline. For a more precise estimate, contact us. We are happy to run the numbers for your specific application. Reach out to us. We can quote the cost of a recovery system and you can determine the ROI yourself!