About Us

Founded on the principle of offering superior packages with better performance.

A history of innovation, improvement and quality continue to set standards for the industry. Air Mac Inc and Unimac have supplied custom built packages since 1991 on an international scope. Installations exist in the Middle East, Central and South America, Indonesia and the United States.

With approximately 40 employees working from two facilities in Dallas, TX, we are big enough to handle large projects while small enough to get it done right.

We leveraged our expertise and designed a CO2 recovery system specifically for craft breweries.


With our most valued resources, our employees, we strive each day to exceed customers’ expectations by listening to their needs, offering knowledgeable cost effective solutions and being their value added partner in business.


To be the industry leader, we are committed to continuous improvement, constant learning and providing quality solutions for our customers in an ever-changing market. Leadership requires great responsibility – we will set the example for everyone to follow, constantly looking to satisfy both new and existing customers with innovative solutions.


Honesty – The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
Integrity – Doing the right thing
Accountability – Know your role and do your part
Reliable & Trustworthy – 24 / 7 / 36 – You can count on us
Respect – The Golden Rule


Teamwork – One of us is not as smart as all of us
Customer Focused – The reason we exist
Loyalty & Commitment – To the company, to our coworkers and to ourselves
High Performance – Our actions and Our attitudes
Risk – The fuel behind change and quality improvements
Success – Effectively achieving what we set out to do